Add animated glitch to your images

It’s possible to add some special “glitch” effects on your images to your images.
You can alter your image and give the impression of "video tape", magnetic tape video cassette for VHS recorder for example (horizontal offset on image...)
VHS offset image animated glitch example
   With several types of alteration / glitch of different magnitudes, Image-To-Pico8 software also allows you to generate your results in mini-films as GIFs, while playing with colors and adding snow effect... 
These visual effects can even be achieved as a sequence of images or animated gif. There are several levels of shifting intensity (which defines the number of different offsets that are integrated in parallel) with the option (-glitch1 for a light glitch and -glitch4 for many glitches). You may remember this effect or this type of visual defect that could happen on a television when the magnetic tape of a VCR cassette was worn out...
add light glitch effect on x offset (1)add strong glitch effect on x offset (4)
You can set the horizontal amplitude of the glitch with the glitchoxaw option, between 1 and 16 (or between -1 and -16).
small width glitch (aw2) on x offsetlarge width glitch (aw16) on x offset
A vertical scrolling can also be applied to the image. Use the 'glitchoxmy' option: for example a light scroll up (-32) with -glitchoxmy-32 or a strong scroll down (256) with -glitchoxmy256.
easy glitch scrolling up (y-32)intense glitch scrolling down (y256)

Add “snow” visual effect. Replace a color with random noise

glitch color replace random noise
In this example, we combine the horizontal glitch effect with replacing the gray color index with "random".
So we can simultaneously group several effects.

Change colors dynamically

It is possible to use random colors and/or to cycle through colors (color cycle or "palette rotation"). Another possibility: Strong mix of colors (randomized palette at each frame) "super random":
color cycle glitchrandomized colors glitch
All these features are integrated in Image-To-Pico8 software including the capability to generate an animated GIF. (You don't have to own Pico-8 if you just want to create GIFs with this converter: you just need to use the -gif option)

Image-To-Pico8 - link to software - Add glitches

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Credit Images:
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- All 3 other man and woman faces: "This Person Does Not Exist"