How to create impactful GIF images with fire effects

Adding flames to a still image and thus turning it into a GIF animation is one way to make it dynamic and remarkable.
ImgFire FX (Image-To-Fire-Effect) is a graphical utility to easily add burning fire effects to your images...
just like this:
Image of person from behind  with fire effects  ImgFire FXImage of straight haired woman with Blue Fire Effect ImgFire
   It's easy to set an image on fire, and modify the effects (light patterns, colors...) plus the generated GIFs are smooth... 
You have options which can be adjusted, for example:
  • The speed of flame propagation and smoke density
  • The color palette, if you want a light colored differently (for example in blue, green, ...) rather than in glowing, flamboyant tones
  • The number of ignited sparks (particles)
  • ... and the first frames of the animation are merged with the last frames, so that animated GIF loops even more smoothly!

Hot examples and results in sparkling pictures

Halloween pumpkin on fire with  ImgFire FXExample of burning text with ImgFire FX
Image of cat with yellow flame effectImage of cat with vanish effect

Add fire animation to an image in 2 steps.

2. Run the software, indicating which image you want to transform.
That's it! Your GIF result is generated in seconds!
Woman playing guitar near campfire
- Shadow of a person from behind, with flaming background : Adam Wilson
- Woman with straight hair, blue palette : "Cette personne n'existe pas" ("This Person Does Not Exist")
- Halloween Pumpkin / jack-o-lantern on fire : Taylor Foss
- Woman playing guitar near campfire : Elisey Vavulin
- Cat (yellow palette), and disappearing cat (standard fire palette) : "This Cat Does Not Exist"