Glitch bot @glitch80bot invited to public events

Glitch80bot invited at Blue\x80

Blue\x80 glitched flyer, image remixed by glitch bot @glitch80bot Glitch80bot was selected to be part of the attractive concepts presented at Blue\x80 exhibition on October 2018 in Paris.
Here is displayed what Glitch80bot could tweet thanks to a tablet. This mobile device has been left available to the public, so that they can call @glitch80bot #GlitchMe on Twitter.

Glitch bot was marked as part of artworks / installations. Pre-rendered images have been printed to be shown in 21x29 cm frames or in 10x15 cm format in a portfolio.
On the same table, 2 screens present slideshows of digital art from members of the Glitch Artists Collective (GAC) all around the world. Here is the full list of artists whose work appears on this booth.
Glitch80bot invited at Blue\x80 with Glitch Artists Collective members Glitch80bot at Blue\x80: Artists on the same table, full list
Blue\x80 event information:

Glitch80bot invited at INTERFéRENCES

Glitch80bot took part to INTERFERENCES event on May 2019 in Rennes.
Here I met some fellow glitch art explorers and we had the opportunity to present our latest work. Organized by Press Art, this exhibition provided lots of intensely great digital anomalies to discover, as well as software and games experimenting graphical glitches.
"INTERFERENCES" event information:

Glitch80bot as virtual participant during Stunfest

The Stunfest festival gathers some of the world’s greatest gamers, enthusiasts, creators, researchers along with more than 12.000 visitors. It takes place over an entire week in Rennes, with a 3-day highlight at the Liberté.
The year 2019 edition of the Stunfest had a particular theme around glitch. That's why glitch bot @glitch80bot decided to participate to this event as a surprise ghost guest,—virtually—next to other projects like Stunfest Mega Glitch
Experimental results:
stunfest2019 stunfest glitch scatter codeart generative Origin img by @GoldoNat stunfest2019 glitch stunfest quaratweet embracedeath samuraishodown bot Origin img by @MrQuaRate
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