@Glitch80bot remixes images : Image-Glitch Twitter bot

Hello! I'm a Twitter bot and I glitch pictures! :)
  1. I search for images in tweets with specific tags like #Glitch and #GlitchArt.
  2. I take a picture and I make a remix of it—I modify them by applying random graphical effects.
  3. I shake it all, upload the result, and I credit the original artist and source.
Woman face glitch robot landscape remix animatedPalmtree glitch face tesselate remix animated

“Please #Glitchme !” :)

Special Requests - You want @glitch80bot to glitch an image of yours?

It's easy and fast!
  1. Tweet your image using #GlitchMe in your text,
  2. Don't forget to attach a picture,
  3. and @Glitch80bot will alter it in less than an hour.
Try it by writing something like “Hey @glitch80bot #GlitchMe (your message here)”
and don't forget to attach your image!
Subscribe to @glitch80bot's feed and get around 3 glitched images per day:
Glitch80bot, a Twitter bot made by Anto80  

Need to ask a question? Your answer is probably contained in our "GlitchMe FAQ".

Some lovely outputs from @glitch80bot - a selection of beautiful glitched images

  • 😌☣ glitch fiji vaporwave lofi palm nodejs cosine bot color codeart Origin img by @videoboist
  • 😅🎮 glitchart glitch glitcho clouds 8bitphotolab lofi Origin img by @verticablets
  • 😁🎫 glitch pixelart indiedev animation nodejs geometricart bot rosace Origin img by @weaboosdream
  • 😮🔆 glitch digitalart arte myart newart psychedelic gallery arty art Origin img by @velcrothoughts
  • 👾🚰 glitchart glitch tapeloops vhs vaporwave nodejs bot Origin img by @virtua94
  • 😀🏳 glitch eth cryptoart crypto abstract raredigitalart abstractart fractal Origin img by @WGMeets
  • 👓❇ glitchart glitch art liquid psychedelic paint acid 90s Origin img by @ysrgbt

Reception: Reviews & comments

@benerhardart“@glitch80bot woah awesome!!!✨✨✨💜💜💜🦋🦋🦋”
@domibarra“From a #glitchart pov this is gold. O love when posting a work or image on Twitter and it gets glitched! Always a great surprise from @glitch80bot”
@HazelUW1“@glitch80bot Now this looks rad!”

Events where @glitch80bot was invited to participate

@glitch80bot invited to Interferences event @glitch80bot invited to Blue\x80 as member of Glitch Artists Collective GAC @glitch80bot as ghost participant during Stunfest

Cat glitch: It glitches cat pictures

#cat is another relevant tag for this bot.
That's why sometimes @glitch80bot glitches cat pictures—It makes remixes based on cat pictures.
Cats are glitched! 😺

Awards and recognition

Friendly online bot recognition award for work on glitch bot Glitch80bot

Further description and technical details

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