#GlitchMe FAQ

What is #GlitchMe?

"Glitch Me" or #GlitchMe is a special query. You can make a request to "ask" @glitch80bot to process your image with a higher priority. This consists of posting a tweet with a picture attached and the tag #GlitchMe.

My #GlitchMe tweet was not picked. Why?

Maybe it's due to of one of these reasons below. Please have a look and check.

It's too soon

Our bot @Glitch80bot is not designed to spam your Twitter feed.
Wait the next hour and normally your #GlitchMe request should be taken into account. For exemple if it's 9:12 PM, wait until 10:00 PM.

It includes sensitive tags

Some tags are banned and therefore some tweets cannot be seen by our bot @Glitch80bot.
This bot is intented to be a joyful machine, and as such it does not refer to tweets containing sad, sentitive or negative keywords.

Your account already made glitch requests recently

Ideally our bot @Glitch80bot wants there to be room for everyone.
Some people spam glitch me requests
   Repeated #GlitchMe requests from a same account won't work. It was made like this to make room for everyone by processing tweets from different accounts first. And also, this prevents spam. This should cool down in a few days... 
For example, if an image of yours has already been taken recently, this bot is likely to wait a little before processing your new request.
If you repeatedly post #GlitchMe tweets, this will eventually count as spam, and thus your chances to be taken will decrease.
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